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Everything you need to know about the wild world of heat pumps - MIT Technology Review

The concept behind heat pumps is simple: powered by electricity, they move heat around to either cool or heat buildings. It’s not a new idea—they were invented in the 1850s and have been used in homes since the 1960s. But all of a sudden, they’ve become the hottest home appliance, shoved into the spotlight by the potential for cost savings and climate benefits, as well as by recent policy incentives. READ MORE

As Heat Pumps Go Mainstream, a Big Question: Can They Handle Real Cold? - NYT

The blistering cold weather descending on the Midwest this week has many homeowners wondering: Do heat pumps still work in freezing temperatures? READ MORE

A Heat Pump Might Be Right for Your Home. Here’s Everything to Know. - Wirecutter

They’re the cheapest and most efficient way to handle both heating and cooling for your home, no matter where you live. They’re also better for the environment. In fact, most experts agree they’re one of the best ways for homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint and reap the benefits of a greener future without sacrificing comfort. In other words, they’re a win-win. READ MORE

In Maine, heat pumps are proving themselves even against extreme cold - The Maine Monitor

The state is well on its way to a goal of installing 100,000 heat pumps by 2025. New research shows standalone systems can deliver comfort and cost savings even in subzero temperatures.


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