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We offer Daikin R-32 ATMOSPHERA Single Zone Heating and Cooling Systems

Daikin ATMOSPHERA - The first R-32 single zone ductless unit in North America 

The Daikin ATMSOPHERA Single Zone System is ideal for spot cooling and heating needs in residential and commercial spaces that require heating and cooling even in extreme ambient temperatures. In addition, Daikin ATMOSPHERA is an effective source of heat to offset old, inefficient furnaces or boiler systems.


Premium Comfort Features:
  • Energy Efficient – Up to 27.4 SEER / Up to 13.8 HSPF / Up to 16.3 EER for ultra-efficient cooling and heating operation and reduced operating costs compared to conventional lower-efficiency systems.

  • Enhanced Capacity – Up to 100% rated heating capacity at 5°F WB (-15°C WB) and confirmed continuous operation as low as -13°F WB (-25°C WB) ambient temperature –Up to 100% rated cooling capacity at 115°F (46°C)


Ideal Solution for:
  • Primary living areas (for example, master bedrooms and living rooms)  

  • Hot or cold rooms  

  • Rooms with poor air flow

Aligning with Goals of:
  • Decarbonization and Electrification — moving towards clean energy: An effective source of heat to comfortably offset older or inefficient sources of heat using fossil fuels

  • Lower GWP refrigerant — reduce emissions at the source: Utilizing a refrigerant with lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) compared to conventional refrigerants

    Daikin ATMOSPHERA achieves advanced efficiencies via minimal temperature fluctuations


The Next Generation of Heat Pumps Using R-32 Refrigerant

MidCoast Heat Pumps is the first company in Maine to be certified in the next generation refrigerant R32

R32 offers the following improvements over the current refrigerant:

  • 18% more efficient than R410

  • HSPF of up to 13.8

  • SEER of up to 27.4

  • Better at dehumidifying and runs cleaner than present systems

  • More environmentally friendly, NOT a greenhouse gas

  • Larger systems (up to 24k) qualify for the Efficiency Maine rebate

Note: Only single head systems are available at present

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