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Answers to Common Questions

Which brand to choose?

We service and install ALL brands!

The 3 major brands used in Maine are Daikin, Fujitsu and Mitsubishi. ALL 3 companies make top grade equipment and we install all 3. There are some minor differences between the brands that we will be happy to point out as we review your particular application. Currently around 85% of our installations are Daikin, 10% are Fujitsu and 5% Mitsubishi. But inevitably the choice of which brand you buy is up to you, the owner. We want you to be happy!

Why use a certified and licensed installer?
  • It is against federal law to install a heat pump without an EPA 608 refrigerant license. Those who are tempted to flout the law need to be aware that criminal and financial penalties can be assessed.

  • In addition, Whistleblowers can receive up to $10,000 for reporting a violation!

  • A system not installed by a certified installer will NOT be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Efficiency Maine requires that at least one person on site be licensed and certified.

  • Certification and licensing requires that the technician has been trained and possesses tools and equipment to safely handle refrigerant to avoid personal injury or harm to our environment.

  • System longevity – Because they are so well designed, even an improperly installed system will actually work well - for a while… However eventually it will fail. We have seen this time and again. We have witnessed this happening in as little as 4 months from the time of the improper installation. One of our saddest experiences is having to tell a homeowner “I’m sorry but your system needs to be replaced. It has suffered major damage - because it was not installed properly”.

  • Some of our competitors pay their installers on a per unit basis, rather than hourly. This can encourage an installer to rush, many times with bad results.

  • We warranty the quality of our installation! Since our installers service what they personally install there is no incentive to cut corners to finish sooner.

Why use MidCoast Heat Pumps?

Since we only deal with heat pumps we have more experience than a company that does several types of work.

Heat pumps are designed differently from other HVAC systems.

For example – low refrigerant trouble on a typical central A/C or refrigeration system is easily diagnosed with a set of gauges. Not so on a heat pump. Because they operate at variable speeds a gauge reading cannot tell the tech whether the system is over, under, or correctly charged. Other methods are required.

In Maine (unless the owner does it themselves) all new heat pump installations require the electrical hook up work to be done by a licensed Electrician. Some installers ignore this requirement. MidCoast Heat Pumps only uses Licensed Electricians!

We are happy to answer any additional questions: (207) 975-0088

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